Payment Methods:

  • Transfer the Order Value towards our Bank Account. Use the Ordernumber as Transfer Reason We gonna send the Order as soon as the money arrives on our bank account.

  • Pay via Invoice (for Commercial Clients / Companies )

  • Pay via PayPal. Paypal provides CreditCard Payment aswell.

  • Pay via CreditCard through Stripe (Provider)

  • Information:

  • You can directly transfer money through SOFORT.

  • Redirect towards GIROPAY

  • You gonna receive our invoice after the Order. Please transfer the money within 14 days after receiving the invoice.



We charge for Shipping and Packaging. The amount of the Shipping and Packaging Cost depends on the Weight and the country. We calculate the costs individually for shipping zones outside our shipping table . We can provide these costs on request.
Please be aware of outside EU custom costs. These costs will be calculated individually. We can provide these costs on request. Order in time to receive your packages in time. If you provide multiple shipping adresses we have to calculate multiple shipping costs. Second deliveries (delivery costs) which may take place due to us not having the product in storage are free. Every Package is insured.

Saving Tipp: From 350€ (net.) and upwards there will not be any packaging-/ shippingcosts.
RDD = Not binding regular runningtime in each country